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12.25" Stainless Steel Splatter Guard



The Le Creuset Universal Stainless Steel Splatter Guard rests securely over the rim of the pan to protect surrounding surfaces from hot oil. This is an essential accessory for any kitchen, keeping countertops and stovetops free from oil and grease residue. With its tightly woven steel mesh, the splatter guard vents moisture from the pan while containing hot oil and other contents. For kitchens with crowded cabinets and shelves, the splatter guard features a foldable handle for storage in tight spaces.

  • Foldable handle securely attached by rivets for easy storage

  • Mesh screen allows steam to escape, keeping foods crisp

  • Silicone ring guard protects the pan's rim

  • Designed to fit all Le Creuset fry pans and skillets between 9.5 and 11-3/4 inches

  • Dishwasher safe