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OXO's Soap Dispensing Dish Sponge combines a long handled sponge with liquid dish soap for convenient cleaning. A light push of the soft, non-slip button on the body easily dispenses a steady stream of soap for any scrubbing task. To refill, simply unscrew the back end of the handle and add soap to the reservoir. Replacing the cap when finished engages a tight, leak-proof seal so soap only goes where you want it. The soft grip is comfortable to hold and is non-slip, even when wet. The durable, antibacterial sponge features a unique shape for thorough cleaning inside corners and along curves. For the toughest baked-on food, use the built-in scraper on the backside of the head. When it's time for a new sponge head, simply push up on the tab to replace it. Replacement brush, sponge, scrub heads sold separately.

  • Squirts soap with the light push of a button
  • Durable antibacterial Sponge
  • Scraper on backside of Sponge easily removes baked-on food
  • Sponge and scraper are safe for non-stick cookware
  • Soft, comfortable non-slip grip
  • Accommodates Brush, Sponge and Scrub Refills