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The OXO Good Grips Water Bottle Cleaning Set includes a Long Bottle Brush, Straw Brush and Detail Cleaner, to provide a thorough clean for any of your drinking buddies. The Long Bottle Brush is perfect for cleaning the inside of bottles – even those with narrow necks. The Brush features soft side bristles to clean bottle walls without scratching and short, firm bristles to thoroughly clean the bottom of bottles. For those hard-to-reach places, the Straw Brush easily gets inside sports bottle straws and the Detail Cleaner gets into the crevices of caps and lids. All three tools store together on a handy ring and easily snap off for use. The Brushes have durable nylon bristles that won’t lose their shape and soft, comfortable, non-slip handles.

Features & Benefits:

  • Long Bottle Brush: Perfect for cleaning the inside of bottles, even those with narrow necks
  • Long Straw Brush: Great for getting inside reusable straws , like on sports water bottles or iced coffee tumblers
  • Detail Cleaner: Ideal for cleaning threads and crevices in caps
  • Bristles: Bristles made of durable nylon to keep their shape; short, firm bristles thoroughly clean bottom of bottles, while soft side bristles clean bottle walls without scratching
  • Comfort: Soft, comfortable handles are non-slip, even when wet
  • Storage: All three brushes store together on ring and are easy to remove

Good Tip:

It’s called the Water Bottle Cleaning Set, but these handy brushes can clean so much more. Juicers, grinders, vases, wine decanters, humidifiers, blenders…It’s only limited by your imagination!

  • Set includes long bottle brush, straw brush and detail cleaner
  • Long bottle brush is perfect for cleaning the inside of bottles with narrow necks
  • Short, firm bristles on brush tip thoroughly clean bottom of bottles and soft side bristles clean bottle walls without scratching
  • Long straw brush is great for getting inside sports bottle straws
  • Detail cleaner is ideal for getting into crevices in caps, cleaning screw threads and locations where a large brush cannot reach